Recipes For My Boys: Here We Go

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Here We Go

I am looking forward to sharing everyday life along with Recipes For My Boys.  Some are old, some were given to me for my Boys.  Some were found here and there and some were just tossed together and worked for us. 

My parents and grandparents have all passed away.  My hopes are to create new memories with my Boys, by sharing the old memories and cooking from their recipes or those that are very similar to them.

Join us as we make new memories and preserve the old.

We are never far from Happiness..It is always inside just waiting to shine like the eyes of a child.


Served up with Love said...

What a great idea! Im sure years down the road your boys are gonna be so thankful that you did this, or should I say their wives will be happy you did! I am lucky to still have both my parents but I lost my grandparents really young. I love your blog and I am so glad you reached out to me. Heres to many adventures in the kitchen. Happy Cooking!

Debi said...

Thank You So Much! You are very kind! I really appreciate you following me and helping me on facebook.

It's hard not to have Grandparents, I am sorry you didn't have the chance to have yours in your life.


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