Recipes For My Boys: Lord, Thank You For All You Have Given Us

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lord, Thank You For All You Have Given Us

We have been worried about a lot lately and recently finances have come into play. We worry about this and that and how it would be if......

This morning we were on our way to sell a toy the boys had outgrown....yes, Craiglist. On the way there we saw a worn out older woman with a wheel chair coming out of the woods with a man barely moving along using two canes. My heart broke into. I immediately told my husband we needed to turn around...I needed to see these people and give them what money I had. We turned around and they were by the road when we came to them. They seemed a little frightened by a truck pulling up close. I jumped out and went to them. The lady actually wasn't that old but time and being homeless had taken a huge toll on her, both of them. I held the money out to her and told them go get breakfast. They immediately began to cry and saying "God Bless You". Tears poured from my eyes as I told them the same and to take care of themselves. As we left they were saying "Praise God" with arms held up toward heaven above.

My Boy's couldn't stop talking about turning around to help this couple coming out of the woods.  My oldest told me..."Mama,  God wants you to give them money.  He really does want you to"  :wub:

I told Ted I had to give them the money I was going to get from the toy. Sadly, they were nowhere to be found when we returned to the last place we saw them. I was hurt that I couldn't give the money to them as I felt this is what I was supposed to do.

We are So Very Blessed, So Very Blessed.......

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