Recipes For My Boys: Frozen Creamy Peaches And A Sweet Summer Memory

Friday, July 15, 2011

Frozen Creamy Peaches And A Sweet Summer Memory

My Boys and I have been making frozen fruit desserts since it is so hot out.  Today I was thinking about my Grandma, Papa and summer time.  Our family would load up in the old Chevrolet Station Wagon and go to Georgia to visit during the summer.  What a Blessing it was to see my Grandparents whom I only saw once, maybe twice a year.  We would spend a week in the hot summer.  The only air conditioner was in a window in the living room.  Door and windows open with curtains flowing once in awhile in the sparse winds of summers.  Fans were placed in just the right places at the perfect angles to help ease the scorching, breathless air of Georgia in July. 

Grandma and Papa would be up before the break of dawn.  Papa would be in the garden gathering whatever needed to be put up that particular day.  Grandma would be where she always was...In her kitchen.  We would wake up to the smell of bacon with thick rind and sausages that they had cured in the smoke house.  Big fat cat head biscuits, with a slap on bacon grease on them before heading in the oven.  Grits popping and boiling all over the back eye with a long handled spoon stuck inside the worn pot.  Eggs were fried to order and for me pancakes,  you know bacon grease got in batter also.  Butter was on a saucer and was big as a brick it seemed.  Syrup was Blackburn favorite back then and probably would be now if I could find it.

After breakfast, Grandma would have Papa put the big ole washtubs in the sunniest part of the yard and fill them with water.  As the day and cousins got hotter playing, so did the water. 

After lunch would mean a dip, or sit rather,  in the washtubs of water.  Sometimes the water would be too hot and you would have to get the garden hose out to cool it off.  They were only big enough for one of us at the time.  If there were more kids than washtubs you had to wish you were the first one in or your water may be mighty shallow.  ~giggles~

Once we were dried off and sitting 'round the kitchen table, Grandma would bring out the best dessert ever to be had on a hot, mid summer Georgia day.  Frozen Peaches!  She would get the little white, square freezer containers out with a bunch of spoons.  If we were lucky, we would get one of our own.  But it was just as good to share...given your peach scraping cousin, or one of my sisters, wasn't hungrier than your stomach was for those icy, sweet peaches.  We scrapped and dug holding onto the frozen containers until we couldn't hold any longer.  This memory brings with it sighs and smiles as the bittersweet memories flood through my mind like the little creek after a hard rain.  I Love And Miss My Grandma and Papa So Very Much!  Until that Beautiful Day when we meet again.........

Today I wanted frozen peaches and only had canned.  Here is my very simple, yet delicious way to fix them.

Frozen Creamy Peaches

1 large can of peaches in heavy syrup

That's it.  One ingredient to get the best of the best in frozen desserts.  Puree the canned peaches and put into a rectangular container. 
Place in freezer.  Check back in 45 minutes or so.  Stir.  Check again in another 30-45 minutes stirring again. 
One or two more rests in the freezer, stirring as you go, should bring you to the most delicious sweet and creamy frozen peaches. 

If you happen to have any left over, which I doubt, just let it sit out for a few minutes before serving to get that great yumminess once again. 

I hope you enjoy this as much as My Boys and I did.  Fixing the frozen peaches and eating them 'round the table while I share Sweet Memories about their Great Grandma and Great Papa.  <3 

Getting ready for the freezer.

Can't wait to get into this but one of the little ones got to it first!  ~giggles~ 
Scoops up just like soft serve after 3 hours in the freezer.
I made this with fresh peaches and it works well...puree and sweeten to your taste.  Not as creamy but delicious and is scoopable!  Your children will love eating frozen fruit! 


happysandyh said...

Thank you for sharing your memories of summers in Georgia with your Grandparents!! This frozen peaches treat sounds amazing and I can't wait to try it!! Would it work with fresh peaches (even though they aren't in a syrup)?

Debi said...

Hi Sandy! Those are sweet memories to me that I thought about when the boys wanted peaches. :D

I really think it would work since you are going to puree them. I'll try ot get some peaches this weekend and try it. I'll let you know how they turn out. :)

Debi said...

Sandy, I tried it with fresh peaches and it works well also! Just a sugar to your taste if not sweetened enough and freeze as above.


Karan said...

Have never tried this but sure does sound like something I would love. I think I may just do some tomorrow.


Debi said...

Hi Karan! You will be surprised how good it tastes! So easy also. I hope you enjoy it. Please post and tell us what you think. ~hugs~

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