Recipes For My Boys: Fun Time Shopping

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fun Time Shopping

The other day we went to the store and had fun!  The Boys always like to go to the toy section and that day they got to each pick a cheap toy. 

My oldest, Lucas, picked out Jungle Animals.  He is everything Animals and Dinosaurs!  If he only had one thing to pick out,  it would be animal related.  He loves to watch Animal Planet and Discovery.  Look on the internet to learn all he possibly can.

Wade picked out a puzzle.  He always loves to sit down and put puzzles together, do crafts or just draw.  Each day he brings me multiple masterpieces he has created.  We are decorating our walls with the Boys framed artwork.  ~big, proud smile~

Reid picked out a gumball bank.  Two of his very favorite things are money and something sweet!  The ultimate gift to make him happy and keep him occupied.  At least until the gum runs out.  ~giggles~

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P7161225 P7161226 P7161227 P7161229 P7161232 P7161234

 P7161236 P7161237P7161239 P7161240 P7161242


Served up with Love said...

Looks like a great family adventure!

Debi said...

Hi Melissa! My Boys can have fun doing nothing. LOL They did have fun in the store that day. They like to make each other laugh. ~hugs~

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