Recipes For My Boys: Outside In Chili Dogs and Cheese Dogs

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Outside In Chili Dogs and Cheese Dogs

My Boys love Hot Dogs! I thought it would be a good idea to but a surprise inside for the little ones. I boiled some the other day and today I fixed them in a grill pan. The grilled turned out the best to me.

To make the Inside Out Cheese Dogs you need string cheese and hot dogs. Pull apart in 4 pieces and pop them in the freezer while you get the dogs ready. I used a popsicle stick, or craft stick, to hollow the inside. Push in and twist to remove some of the inside. You may need to go to the other side and do this again. Take the cheese out of the freezer when it has hardened and push through the hole in the hot dog. Tada!!! Cheese dogs..Now you can grill or boil them. Just be careful and keep an eye on them so the cheese doesn't come out.

To make the Inside Out Chili Dogs I pureed a can of chili beans. Hollowed out the dogs as before and used a long skinny decorating tip to fill the hot dog with chili beans. You may want to hollow these out a bit more than the cheese ones to have more chili inside. I grilled these. The ones I boiled, I hollowed the hot dog, cooked and filled with the chili beans.

Wrap in lettuce leaves, cut in slices or put on a bun! Enjoy!

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