Recipes For My Boys: Thoughts Of A Mindful Child

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thoughts Of A Mindful Child

I always talk to my children about making memories.  Always do things and act in ways that memories are treasured ones.  My oldest told me this morning that "Memories are thoughts stored away in jars in your mind.  When you want to relive one, you find the jar and open it to view what is inside."  I think I have a very smart 8 year old!  ~huge smile and a heart full of love and pride~


happysandyh said...

Wow - that's beautiful!!
Lord, I just pray that you will touch Debi's son and cause him to always know the value of times shared with family and the memories they bring! Father, I ask that you would touch his life and cause him to grow into a mighty man of God - used by you! Protect him, guard him, lead and guide him. May he always sense Your presence and feel your love! In Jesus name ~ Amen!

Debi said...

Amen Sandy! I so appreciate your prayers..especially this one. ~smiles~ These are strong and loving words with a rich and meaningful Blessing.

Thank You for being a Beautiful and Dear Friend.

~Love and Hugs~

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