Recipes For My Boys: Whipped Frozen Bananas

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Whipped Frozen Bananas

Another day looking for a way to have something cold to eat in this scorching heat.  We bought bananas yesterday and threw some of them in the freezer. 

Today we pealed them and put them in my little food processor with a splash of milk.   You can leave out the milk and have it a lot thicker.  Mine was still very frozen and I needed the liquid to whip the banana with.  Very nice taste..a super cold  banana.  Of course, My Boys had to add a little chocolate to theirs.  :D


christy said...

Debi, this is my FAVORITE treat! I can't have dairy or wheat or alot of sugars so I am limited in the dessert dept, but I LOVE frozen bananas! I mix mine with peanut butter and it's like ice cream to me.

My daughter Jessie is allergic to dairy too and she loves dark chocolate coated frozen bananas-YUM!

Debi said...

We have just discovered this wonderful frozen treat and love it! Of course, the boys love to top it will chocolate syrup. :D

We will definitely try it with dark chocolate! Oh My Goodness, that sounds great! Thank you!

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