Recipes For My Boys: Ants On A Leaf

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ants On A Leaf

Before school this morning one of the little ones desperately wanted to make something.  First, he poured a water in a bowl...added cereal...raisins and was looking for something else when I asked what he was making.  He said he didn't know...just wanted to make something.  He decided he should try something else.  

He asks me to get the peanut butter, then asked if we had lettuce, once he found out all the celery had been used,  while he went to get raisins.  I washed and gave him lettuce leaves, the peanut butter and a child's knife.  He assembled his goods on the table...then his twin walks in.  Together they made "Ants On A Leaf!"  They were so proud of themselves for thinking this up and making it all by themselves!  Of course, once the peanut butter was spread...the "ants" had to walk to the leaf.  ~big smile~  <3 and Hugs

 Putting the bait down to catch the ants!
 Ants taking a walk!
 All in a row!
 Oh Wait....Brother is walking another ant over!
 There you go!  YUMMY!
We seem to have a lot of ants in our house!
 Maybe a few more.....
 All Done!

YUM!  Want some?  

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