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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day Trip!

We love to go to the Marine Science Center.  It is so much fun and teaches the boys a lot about our Marine Creatures, Birds and their habitats.  It shows how others care enough to nurture hurt animals back to health.
It is a place where ill and injured Sea Turtles, Birds, and Marine Life are taken.  Some are released when well…others find this their forever home. 
The Boys had an Amazing time!  They looked at native birds that were being nurtured back to health.  Saw Injured Sea Turtles that may one day be released back into the ocean.  Were able to pet a pine snake.  Saw different species of sea creatures and corals.  But the Best and most Treasured event of the day was being able to pet Sting Rays!  The Boys were full of wonderment and delight as they pet the curious, prehistoric looking Sea Creature. 

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clayts said...

This looks like a great day trip for your boys! Its great to see them learning about treamtment of animals, and how we can help them. It is great that they enjoyed it too.

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