Recipes For My Boys: Mama’s Birthday and Food of Love

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mama’s Birthday and Food of Love

Today would have been my Precious Mama’s 79th Birthday.  She passed away over 19 years ago.  With her passing went a piece of my life and heart.  She was such a Beautiful Woman….. Inside and Out.  She would give her all and all she had to give.  If you needed anything at all…She would be there for you.  Giving a helping hand, whether in your home or your life.  If you needed something, she was there for you.  She would ease your it a busted chin (mine when I fell over my hula hoop) or broken heart.  Her love surpassed those of many.  Always willing to give and ask nothing in return.  Her hugs were warm and comforting as her food.  Comfort came from her heart and meals she prepared for us and others.  There is no greater LOVE than that of a Mama and her children.  The bond is irreplaceable  I Love and Miss her daily.  As I prepare food for my children..I have precious memories of my Sweet Mama doing the same for us.   I feel her withus as we prepare her Food Of Love!  Until We Meet Again……

184139_254402741250445_100000421627363_941766_3686517_nMy Precious Mama!  I Love You and Miss You!  

(I don't smile for the camera either...anyone else camera shy)

I was hoping to get more posts up today but I didn't work out......  I will get them added soon.  <3 and Hugs!

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