Recipes For My Boys: Christmas Candy Cane Mice

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Candy Cane Mice

So cute for the little ones to make and receive!  I have been making these for years with my oldest and now with the twins.

Christmas Candy Cane Mice

Here is what you will need...

9"x12" felt red for the mice...I was able to make Six or SEVEN, 5 1/2" mice.  Depending how you place them.
9"x12" felt different color, I used green and also white.  I made TEN, 5" a little one Wade used to cut into and make two ears with.
7mm wiggly eyes
small pom poms for nose
candy canes

Draw 5 1/2" teardrop on a piece of card stock, cut out.
Trace on felt and cut out.
Place the mouse body in the same direction on top line
You will be able to get 3 on the bottom
Draw 5" oblong on a piece of card stock, cut out.
Trace on felt and cut out.
The multiple lines on the bottom left was the one Wade made little ears with
5 1/2" mouse body

 Fold in half

 Nip a tiny bit to make a slit for the ears

Slide ears through the slit

 See, no need to make an indentation like some patterns show

Slide candy cane under the ears from the bottom

 Bottom view

 Tail and ears in place

Three dots of glue and you can add the wiggly eyes
and pom pom nose

Little ones may need help pushing the ears and tail through.
I had everything cut out and ready for them.  

Too Cute! 
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