Recipes For My Boys: Our Christmas and Mini Chocolate Pies!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Christmas and Mini Chocolate Pies!

We had a Beautiful and Blessed Christmas this year.  We shared the meaning of Christmas, as well as Santa.  The boys had an abundance of as well as meaning.

The boys youngest sister, which is older than they are...and me for that matter, ~smile~ ,  spent the afternoon with us on Saturday!  It was so much fun for them, and us!!!!  Opening their presents and playing with them was all they could have ever hoped for. 

Christmas morn was especially good for the boys, which I am thankful for.   (I was awake for almost two days and very tired)  We are Blessed to be able to share with them about the day, and also gifts thrown in from us that Santa overlooked getting. 

The afternoon was filled with fun from the boy's oldest sister and brother in law...yep, my boys have 50+ year old sister(s) and 59 year old Son-IL.  ~smiles~  What a fun time for all! 

Continued fun today, when they were able to spend gift cards they received from their Aunt Di Di.  My sister that will not speak to me but will send gift cards to my boys. The boys bought great gifts with them and are still playing with them.  I am thinking gift cards next year, with shopping December 26, is the way to go!!!!! 

We have shared with our boys the gift of giving to those that may not have a great Holiday.  That may not have presents.  That may not have a supper, or food whenever hungry, to eat. 

We had a Beautiful Christmas and hope you did also.  It's all about Love, Family, Sharing and Giving from the Heart and not the Wallet.  Showing the Love that Blossoms from deep within and grows as it is shared in the smallest of ways, to become a Bouquet of Beauty!

Blessing's to You All!  Friends are a Blessing and you are Ours!

(I know I have imperfections when posting..that's just me and the way it is.  I'm normally interrupted  ten thousand times by little boys and I Sooo Love It!!!!!)

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Mini Chocolate Pies

6"  flour tortillas
chocolate pudding made as directed on box for pie
whipped cream made as directed or cool whip
bananas, strawberries, chocolate chips....or other ingredients ....optional

Heat oven to 350 degrees

Fit tortillas in pan, or can...Using a large tuna fish or chicken can.  Heat until formed when taken from pan/can without being too flimsy.  
Cool shell. Do not over cook!
Add chocolate pudding.

Add banana slices, or other yummies, here if desired. 

Top with whipped cream or cool whip.
Enjoy!  <3 and Hugs!

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