Recipes For My Boys: Hoecakes

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Since I am about to freeze....I decided to make a Big Ole Pot of Hamburger Vegetable Soup.  Oh My Goodness...If you haven't tried making it, you need to.  The recipe is very forgiving.  Use whatever you have on hand and make it your own.  A great way to use up leftovers, too.

When you make soup, you just haveta make bread!  I decided to make Hoecakes!  These are very thin and so good if you are hankering for a little bit of cornbread without making a big pan.  They are crispy yet moist on the inside.  I bet there isn't a southern kitchen that hasn't had hoecakes cooked in them!  It has been ages since I made them but once I started making them...oh the memories that were brought back to me.  Grandma making a ton of them as she cooked a mess of greens!  Mama making them by the dozens as she cooked up this very soup I am making today.  Standing by the stove...talking away to anyone and everyone that would stand by long enough to listen.  They never meet a stranger and their homes, and hearts, overflowed with friendship, family, and love!

makes 6-8 3-4" cakes

1 cup plain cornmeal
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 cups boiling water, only use what you need
bacon grease, oil, butter, crisco or spray oil

Mix salt in cornmeal.  Heat water to boil.  Add water a little at the time, stirring, until completely moistened. You may not use all the may need more.  If you need more, just add a little cold water to it.   
Let sit for a minute or so, the mixture will be thick.

Best if cooked in a cast iron skillet..just like Mama and Grandma did.  If you don't have one...use a non stick pan.  Spray with oil or put a bit of bacon grease in the pan.  Heat until it sizzles.  Drop a couple of teaspoons of the cornmeal mixture in the pan and flatten by spreading around.  Cook until browned and turn over.  Cook on other side until brown and middle is Not set but has a little give to it.  Place on a paper towel to absorb any grease.  Taste and add more salt, if desired.  You can add butter to them if you wish.  I don't...just tear into them and start eatin' with your favorite meal.  Sopping up the liquid...pot licker of Greens or the stock of the soup.  Enjoy!  <3 and hugs!

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