Recipes For My Boys: Easter Chicks and Chalkboard Eggs

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Chicks and Chalkboard Eggs

Since I have all this chalkboard paint, I am painting just about anything that I come in contact with.  This morning it was plastic Easter Eggs.  After they were painted, I decided to make a chick.  I was showing Lucas the chick and he had a brilliant idea to have it hidden in the egg.  I just love how smart my boys are!  <3<3<3  I then made the chick, stuffed it inside the egg and wrote, crack me on.  Write peep, peep or cheep, cheep instead.  How cute is that?!  You can go around the seam with more paint to seal it, so it really cracks open.

Easter Chick

2 pom poms one a size smaller than the other
2 little googly eyes
small piece of orange foam paper, cut into tiny triangle

Pull a little of the pom pom out of the one end of the larger pom pom to make a tail  Glue the smaller pom pom on top of the other on the opposite end.  Glue eyes and small triangle on smaller pom pom.  Let dry.

Chalkboard Eggs

plastic eggs
chalkboard paint
1" foam brush
tops from soda bottles

Paint one half of the eggs and set the unpainted side in the soda top, the plastic ones you get on plastic bottles.  A perfect little seat for it while it drys.  I also put dyed eggs in there to dry.  Works great!

When dry, paint other half.  Give another coat or two so you don't see the original color any longer.  I actually liked ones with streaks of the original color showing.   Make certain it dries completely before putting anything inside.  The little holes in the top and bottom may drip paint inside and get on your surprise.  Fill with chalk, candy, chicks, naturally dyed rice, you get the idea, and seal with paint if you want,   The rice is super cute, but please use outside.  Put some in an egg.  Seal with paint.  Write crack me on it and let your little ones crack it open and throw it up in the air like confetti.  It's safe for animals, too.

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