Recipes For My Boys: Flourless Chocolate Cake

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flourless Chocolate Cake

A very different kind of cake to say the least.  My boys Love it!  The outside is a little chewy. The inside is a velvety smooth, melt in your mouth delight.  The combination of the two is amazing.  As soon as the cake was gone, my boys were asking for another one.  ~smile~

Flourless Chocolate Cake

3 eggs
1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
1 cup bitter sweet chocolate chips
1 stick unsweetened butter, cut in slices
pinch of salt
1/4 cup sugar
1 cup buttermilk 
1 6 oz box JELL-O Instant Chocolate Pudding
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.  Grease 8” cake pan, spring form pan or 9” cast iron skillet.  I used a cast iron skillet.
Melt chocolate and butter in microwave in 30 seconds intervals, stirring to mix after each, until chocolate is almost melted.  Then in 10 second intervals until it is completely melted.  Do not over heat.  Cool. 
Beat eggs with sugar.  Add melted chocolate and butter and mix.  Add chocolate pudding and buttermilk.  Mixture will be very thick, like pudding.
Spread into a greased pan and cook for 25 minutes, turn pan around and cook for another 20-30 minutes.  Check to see if it is done by lightly pressing on the top.  It will feel soft to touch in the middle and the edges will be firm.  

Turn out of pan, and then, turn over again so that the top is the top.   Add your favorite toppings and enjoy! 

Double Mocha Cappuccino Topping
per serving

1/4 cup Fat Free Cool Whip
1/2-1 teaspoon Sugar Free Double Mocha Cappuccino Drink Mix
Mix together and top slice of cake

This recipe received Honorable Mention on Recipe Riot


Anonymous said...

Oh yummy! It looks supper moist and oh so good. :)

Winnie said...

This is great, and the cake looks very moist and delicious.
It's almost Passover and this cake is perfect as it's flourless

Debi said...

Tiffany! Thank boys love it! <3 and hugs dear friend!

Debi said...

Winnie! The cake was very moist inside and the outside was almost like a brownie texture. YUM! <3 and hugs dear friend!

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