Recipes For My Boys: Crock Pot Sweet Potatoes

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Crock Pot Sweet Potatoes

If you are like me, you need an extra oven to bake your holidays dishes.  I recently decided to cook sweet potatoes in the crock pot, since my oven was occupied with a pork roast,  I was very pleased with the results.  They turned out perfect!

Various sizes of sweet potatoes are ready to begin cooking. 
Tucked away on the counter, my crock pot was a useful baking vessel.  It is a great way to cook throughout the year.  Freeing the oven and not heating the house in the summer is certainly a plus!  Start checking sweet potatoes at 3 hours by gently squeezing them.  

If you can squeeze them and they are soft, they are done.   These were cooked perfectly in 5 hours.

There was a minute amount of darkening on the bottom of the crock pot and potatoes...same as you get when they are cooked in the oven. 
Using Reynolds Crock Pot Liners, as I often do, 
would certainly make clean up a breeze.

Although I haven’t tried “regular” potatoes, I am pretty certain you would get the same results.   Those will be made soon and I will share a post.  

Crock Pot Sweet Potatoes

5 to 8 sweet potatoes, depending on size of potatoes and crock pot


Generously spray crock pot with non-stick spray.  Scrub sweet potatoes, leave wet and place in crock pot in a single layer.  Cook on low 5 to 8 hours, depending on size.  Enjoy!
I would love to have this crock pot!

Don't forget to get crock pot liners!      

Shared on this great party!
The Better Baker Weekend Potluck #89 

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