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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Clipboard/Chalkboard Picture Frame

Clipboard/Chalkboard Picture Frame

I saw a little clipboard used as frame on it the other day while roaming in the twilight zone of information on the computer the other day.  These were so cute!  I wanted to make them.  While I was at Walmart I looked around the office supplies and found little ones for $1.27 each.  Hmm, I  wondered how I would use them.  Since it is Teacher's Appreciation Week and Mother's Day, I thought the chalkboard paint I have at home would work great.  So, I bought them!

What you need:

Chalkboard paint
mod podge or other glue
sealant spray
jute twine or wire, for hanger


I painted them with chalkboard paint, added their pictures with mod podge (made a collage for my oldest son's sub teacher of the children), had the twins write their name and I added the year, sprayed with protectant sealant (Krylon Gloss Indoor/Outdoor),  and tied jute twine on them for hanging.  Done!  Easy gift and it only took a few hours, probably not that long but I was know how that goes.  There are so many different ways to use these and I have spare ones for me!  Off to finish more crafts!  <3 and hugs!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Chalkboard Canning Jars

I am getting ready for the twins birthday and racking my brain trying to find something for the kids as a gift.  I decided, I would make them personalized glasses out of canning jars.
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To make them personal, I bought chalkboard paint and painted the label part of the jar.  For this you'll need....
Chalkboard Paint, I bought mine at walmart for $9.99.  I went to Lowe's and their's was twice as much.  I wanted to make my own, so I could make something other than black.  My hubby, Ted, talked me into buying it already made.  I'm so glad he did!
Primer,  You need to do this before putting the blackboard paint on.
Painters Tape, optional.  I used it on some and found it was easier to just paint freehand.  If it's out of the lines a little, it doesn't matter.  It just shows it's homemade!  <3
Paint brushes, I used a 1 and 1 1/2" brushes.
Lids, that go on fast food drink cups.  Ask next time you are there, chances are they'll give you some.  ~smile~
Chalk, to write names on glasses
Straws, to give with the glasses.  Plain or fancy ones.
Ribbon, to tie the straw to the glass.
Clear coat, to paint over the chalkboard, if desired.

Now, get everything set up on your table, turn on some music, put your newsfeed up on facebook and paint your day away!  Very simple to do!   

Start with the primer.  Let it dry.  Paint a second coat.  
Paint chalkboard paint once the primer is dry.  Repeat once or twice more.  I painted three times. 
Paint clear coat on if desired.  
There you go!  

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Parmesan lid from a plastic container transforms your jar into a shaker!  Perfect place to keep you already grated parmesan!  

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