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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday's Treasures Week 35

I am so happy to have Bobbi, Bobbi's Kozy Kitchen and Joan, Chocolate, Chocolate and More co-host this week!  Bobbi is such a wonderful friend and makes everything you could imagine..only better!  Joan is such a darlin' too!  She is the one to turn to for your best desserts..chocolate and more!  Please visit each of them, you will absolutely love them both!  I do! <3 <3
Bobbi's Kozy Kitchen on facebook and her amazing blog  Bobbi just started a linky party and oh, you have to see her Sammie while there!  Manic Monday
Joan's Chocolate, Chocolate and More on facebook  and the sweetest blog  Her Zucchini Bites look absolutely amazing!

The most viewed recipes of last week were The Better Baker's 

Deep Dish Gooey Cookie Pie 

Inside BruCrew Life 

Love each and every one of the recipes shared with us last week.  Please feel free to share as many as you like.  <3  

Rules..Yeah, you know they are here.  

Follow each blog, facebook and pinterest so you can stay up to date.
Share the party..I know your friends will love it, too!  
Link back to your original recipe, not your blog.  
Visit others..they love company as much as we do.
Leave a comment when you visit, that's the neighborly thing to do.  
Please return each week, I love your smiling faces, treasures recipes and precious memories that sometimes accompany them.
Have a beautiful week, be good to yourselves and others!  <3 and hugs!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday's Treasures Week 34

I am truly honored to have Joan of Chocolate, Chocolate and More.. and Ann of Sumptuous Spoonfuls  co-hosting with me this week.  We had an amazing party last week when Joan co-hosted.   A very big thank you to everyone that shared their treasured recipes and memories.  I seriously want to try them all!  <3

Joan shared two awesome recipes with popcorn!  She made a great batch of Cherry Cotton Candy and another wonderful one of Peanut Butter!  Oh My Gosh!  My boys are going to be so happy when I make these!  I can't wait for movie night.  Many thanks for these great ones!  <3

Ann always has the most delicious and gorgeous food!  I could just eat the screen sometimes while visiting her blog.  Honestly, it's that great!  Take a look at her Baked Strawberry Rhubarb French Toast for Mom and her Chive Flower, Mushroom, White Bean and Walnut Salad just to mention a couple!  Her salads are the best of the best.  If you are ever in need of a great recipe for one, you know where to go!

Our most viewed recipe was from Back For Seconds  I absolutely love everything shared!!  Please leave a like with <3 and hugs from us.    
Please visit her and leave a comment saying you saw her adorable flowers here. 

Our second most viewed recipe was from The Fountain Avenue  Always the best recipes shared.  Love, Love!  Please leave her a like with <3 and hugs from us.  
Leave her a comment saying you saw her delicious cake here.  

Now the fun begins!  Rules...Yeah, you know they are everywhere!

Please link directly to your recipe, not your blog itself.
Link your recipe back to Thursday's Treasures Week 34.
Follow Joan, Ann and I on our blogs with linky followers, networkedblogs, google connect, facebook, twitter, pinterest, email, rss.......nanananananaw.  lol  You get the idea.  ~smile~
Please visit others...they really do love it when you visit.  I know I do, don't you?  
Okay..I think that is it.  
I hope you have a beautiful week.  Be good to yourself and each other.  <3 and hugs! 

Links to previous weeks

Enjoy!  <3 and hugs! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday's Treasures 1st Co-host is Joan of Chocolate, Chocolate and More....

I am truly honored and thrilled to have Joan of Chocolate, Chocolate and More... (facebook page, please leave a like with <3 and hugs) as my first co-host on Thursday's Treasures.  She is truly an amazing lady, friend, mom and foodie.  I just love her blog, her page and Her! Always supportive, kind and there to share a smile.  I look forward to her posts on facebook and blog each day 'cause I know I will love what I see.  If you want something delicious and oh, so, know where to look.  But that's not all, there's more!  She will woo you with her

or her 

and then you have to go back over and over again to view her magnificent desserts!  Look how wonderful these look yet she makes it easy.  Joan brings us the best of it all!  

Chocolate Covered...Everything

Wait till you see this post!  Perfection!!!  <3

Petite Fours

Thank you so much Joan!!!  <3 and hugs sweet friend!

Thursday's Treasures Week 33

Thank you all so much for sharing your Treasured Recipes and Memories!  Everyone so loves reading and making them!  Last week's most viewed recipe is made by Isabelle Isabelle at Home (facebook page, please leave a like with <3 and hugs)  Sad Cake.  I know she would love for you to follow her blog also.  ;D
I wanted to make it today and was so caught up making gifts for the teachers..I didn't get a chance.  Hopefully, I'll have time very soon because it looks wonderful! <3

Isabelle at Home Sad Cake
Time to link up your favorite recipes and memories.  Link as many as you's open all week.

Here are the rules...

Please follow Joan, Chocolate, Chocolate and More on facebook and blog. Please check out her linky followers, pinterest, email, rss feed....and follow what you like so you won't miss any of her amazing posts!
Do the same for me, please.
Link to your recipe, not your blog.
Show a link back to Thursday's Treasures on your recipe.
Visit know they love having you over and much as you do.
Please leave a comment and say thank you to Joan.
Now, go on and link up your Treasures for us to enjoy!  <3 and hugs!

Here are links to previous weeks:

Week 32
Week 31
Week 30
Beginning through Week 29

Get comfy, grab a drink and some snacks.  This may take a while and I guarantee you will get hungry looking at all the delicious recipes!
 <3 and hugs!

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