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Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day VPK and Third Grade!

Wow!  This morning was so full of mixed emotions!  Joy, sadness, excitement, anxiety….So many conflicting feelings going on.  Not only for me, but for My Boys also.  They would act very excited and then look solemn.  Talk of new friends and leaving Mama and Daddy.  Then wanting to go forward with the determination to conquer the day. 

My Oldest was first to go to school.  The Twins and I went with him to his classroom.  Ever excited and anxious to see his many old friends and meet new ones.  He doesn’t let Mama kiss him goodbye any more.  A handsome, smart growing boy with so much to give…all the while so eager to learn. 

Next stop was to leave my little ones in VPK, sitting alone at different tables…in different rooms.  Not knowing anyone around them.  Left alone, all by themselves without Mama and Daddy, Big Brother and their twin. 

My heart ached to see them so quiet, so alone, so without ME!  I cried all the way to breakfast.   During breakfast and while talking about them while shopping, child free.  It was the first time we have had breakfast together in almost 5 yrs.  Tears slowly find their way out of the corners of my eyes, to my cheeks like the drips from an old faucet that will not turn off.  They fall faster as I see photos of My Three Precious Boys as they were getting ready to start a new chapter in their lives.  No turning back the pages..only to go forward with anticipation of what the next page holds. 

It’s late morning.  We arrived early…but with an excuse of sunscreen and bug spray, as we were told to purchase.  First in  one room where he doesn’t see me until I am behind him.  Smiles of joy…hugs of gratitude feel both of us!  We talk for a few minutes and then I am across the hall to my other son.  Lost from a morning of not Mamaing . .  I go to him.  My little one that sat by himself, slumped over as I left him.  He looked at me And Then Looked Again!  Hugs and Smiles filled my heart!  They BOTH had a Wonderful Time!  Without Me!  How can that be possible?  :D  I know…I’m Just so Happy for THEM!  <3
We are in the truck…going to get our oldest.  One screams out…cries of hurt and pain!  A headache like no other.  I crawl to the back to comfort him.  As I hold and console him…he quiets.  Then he cries out and is sick.  Pulling off clothes at the gas station…searching for something to clean with.  To help…just wanting to help….to take away the pain and discomfort. 

We have yet to pick up our oldest.   I call the school asking to have him waiting in the office  as we are in an terrible hurry to get home.  I was told they would not call him from his room or even ask him to get ready to leave, until I physically signed him out.    We arrive…I run to the office.  Sign and asked if she would please, now, call my son.  Not without a Driver’s License.  I am looking at two women that have know me since my son has been in school since he was 4!  The woman keeps telling me to go get my driver’s license.  I tell her, I have a very sick son waiting……Screaming and Crying from a excruciating headache…throwing up all over the truck…I have to get him home!  The two sweet women asked who his teacher is and call while the other one is still asking for id.  I So appreciate her being so diligent about not letting my son leave without proper id..but, I think 90% of the employees of this school have seen me in 4 yrs.  She has too.  Just wanting to get home………

My oldest son had a wonderful first day of school!  I am so happy about this!  He said his teacher is the best EVER!  Wow!  What a great statement and I pray it holds true throughout the school year!  

Today has been good, been sad, been difficult and has been rewarding.  So Proud of My Precious Three Boys!  <3 <3 <3 

It is sooo hard to get MY PRECIOUS BOYS to look at me, smile and not cut up while I try to capture memories!  <3 and Hugs!

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