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Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Bully At School

How my heart aches for My Oldest Son!  He is 8 years old, in third grade and being bullied at school.  This is the second school year this has happened.  By the same boy and his recruits.  Another child, whom my son once thought was his friend, has begun to harass him as well.

The bully was in his classroom last year.  He threatened my son and our the age of 7!  He continually told lies about my son to try and get him in trouble.  He even told his Grandmother my son poured water over his head at the school fall festival.  The Grandmother was getting all over me until...I told her my son didn't even attend the festival as he was sick.  She walked away...dragging the bully with her.  Her head bowed in embarrassment...tears in her eyes.  She waited until the last bell rang to take her grandson in the classroom.  I waited for her and told her it wasn't her fault but to please find out the facts before she went around accusing others.

My heart breaks....

Hurtful words, threats and now, physical abuse.  My son, who was in Occupational Therapy at school once a week last year, was trying to cross the monkey bars yesterday.  A big effort is put into this.  What should have been a proud moment turned into pain as the boy came from the other side and kicked his hands off.  Causing him to fall and get hurt.  This has happened two different has been in for 6 days.

My son asked the bully why he wanted to hurt him...the bully replied, he wanted to kill him.  Such strong words from a young child in third grade!  My son keeps asking me WHY MAMA?  WHY, does this boy want to treat me this way?  This comes from a boy with such empathy.  The one that cries over a hurt bug.  Who comforts his twin brothers when they are hurt or cry.

I fight my tears as I explain that some children just hurt inside.  They find a way to release this by hurting others in any way they can.  I told my son that..He is the bigger of the two.  He is the one that everyone looks up to.  He is the one that can do anything and everything!  I tell him about the Beauty that is inside each of us.  Some let it shine through...others keep it hidden.  They try to darken others days but Our Light Within Will Brighten Even the Darkest Day!

He left for school full of encouragement and a YES I CAN attitude!  He felt like he could accomplish anything that presents itself to him.  He would talk to this boy and tell him he isn't going to take it any longer! How Proud I am of him!

My husband did talk to the Assistant Principal today and told her of the situation since the teacher couldn't control it by just our son telling her.  She called me and told me that both teachers will pay close attention and the two shouldn't meet on the playground.  She also said she talked to the boy and his grandmother and they would co-operate.  The Assistant Principal stated that she wish she could tell me that this bullying wouldn't happen again....but she couldn't .  My son it to immediately tell the teacher if the boy bothers him again.

I pray for this little boy.  A cute little blonde haired boy that lives with his grandparents while his Daddy, new Step Mama and half brother and sister live together.  A broken home...breaks the spirit and being of such a small, young child at times.  The only attention he gets is to inflict pain in words and actions, towards my son.
My first born child at the age of 40.  My little man.


We are going tomorrow to another school, one in our zone.  I asked my son if he wanted to change schools,  he replied..YES ...I won't be bullied by ? and ?.
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