Recipes For My Boys: Lodge 15 inch Seasoned Steel Skillet
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Monday, February 25, 2013

Lodge 15" Carbon Seasoned Steel Skillet Giveaway

Oh yes, you read right.  I am truly honored to host a giveaway, sponsored by Lodge Manufacturing, for their amazing 15” Carbon Seasoned Steel Skillet. Whether you are a seasoned chef or an every day, have to get supper on the table in a hurry cook, this skillet is definitely for you!  I have had my fantastic skillet a few weeks and I can honestly say it has been used almost daily.  It is an amazing piece to add to your kitchen collection.  Lodge Carbon Seasoned Steel Skillets are among the best of company with made to last Cast Iron Cookware.  Lodge has been a cooks favorite over 100 years and will be centuries to come.  What a great heirloom to leave your children and grandchildren.  Passed down generation to generation...Lodge Cookware carries with it memories of the special people in your life and the recipes they made with love.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chunky Banana Nut Dark Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Spice Cookies

Yes, you read it right!  These cookies are great!   At least my boys think so.   Dark chocolate, spices, bananas and nuts.  You can add dried fruit, too, if you wish.  With flax seed, wheat germ, wheat and soy flours, and of course oatmeal...what's not to love!   I bet you could even get away with eating these for breakfast, I did!

Friday, February 8, 2013


Such an easy meal to prepare.  Serve it with jasmine rice,  over Egg Noodles or with One Hour French Bread.  Any way you plate it, it is bound to be a hit! 

This is another meal I prepared in my Lodge 15” Seasoned Steel Skillet.  I love it!  Be certain to stay in touch by blog or otherwise.   I will be hosting a giveaway sponsored by  Lodge Manufacturing, sometime in the next two weeks.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Roasted Rosemary Turnip Roots

When I was younger, you couldn't get me to eat turnips for nothing!  Nope, nothing!  No way, no how!  Fast forward a gazillion years...I love them!  I cook them with ham seasoning but my very favorite way to eat them is roasted.  Oh. My. These are so good!  I could grab and eat them right out of the oven.  Yes, I love them that much now.   So much so, I cooked them twice, in two days, in my Lodge  15" Seasoned Steel Skillet.  This is perfect to roast vegetables in!  I roasted 1 pound and could easily fit another pound in.  The larger ones were quartered, the smaller halved.  Simply seasoned yet robust in flavor.  Try them...I know you will love them also.  Oh,  just in case you hadn't heard.....I am very honored to be hosting a giveaway sponsored by Lodge Manufacturing.  It's for their amazing 15" Seasoned Steel Skillet.  I have cooked in it every day and l just love the ease of cooking from stove top to oven to grill.  It is large enough to accommodate food for my growing boys and much more.  Perfect!  The giveaway will start sometime in the next two weeks.  Stay connected with me so you won't miss out on this fantastic skillet.

Roasted Rosemary Turnip Roots

1 pound turnip roots peeled, halved or quartered
1 1/2 Tablespoon olive oil
1 1/2 Tablespoon fresh rosemary, minced
sea salt

Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.
Mix oil and minced rosemary.
Place peeled and cut turnip roots in skillet.

Brush with oil and rosemary, saving a little oil to brush once out of the oven.
Sprinkle with sea salt.
Cook 10 minutes, turn skillet around. 
Cook another 10 to 15 minutes until done.  Just until fork tender.
Carefully, take out of oven.  Brush with remaining oil.  


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