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Friday, May 25, 2012

Fried Pickles

I have been craving fried pickles, doesn't that sound like a country band?  Introducing Fried Pickles as they sing their new song,  Fried Chicken and Butter Beans where did I go wrong?!  Sorry, couldn't help that.  ~wink~   although I have never eaten them before.  When they kept popping up on my computer screen, I took that as a sign I needed to make them.  ~smile~  My first attempt was a huge failure.  They reminded me of The Andy Griffith Show when Aunt B makes Kerosene Cucumbers!  (remember that one?)  Yep, they were that bad.  Hubby told me he hoped I hadn't made a lot of them as he didn't want to waste food!  LOL  SALTY, does not even begin to describe those little circles of puckering pickles!  I used the seasoned flour I was going to fry pork chops in. BAD idea!  I tried again, this time rinsing the slices...duh? and soaking them in buttermilk.  Much better!  I tried to get hubby to try the second batch but he evidently didn't hear me tell him I changed the recipe.  I got to eat them all!  I only made a handful, cause you know, I was a little shy to try them again myself.  ~smile~  <3 and hugs!

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