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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thursday's Treasures Week 72

My oldest son, 9 years old, was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis last Friday.  He has been having a lot of pain and swelling in his knees, one worse than the other.  His back, ankles, wrists and fingers also have been causing him pain.  He was put on NSAID's over 3 weeks ago.  The doctor increased the dose last week when he was diagnosed.  Yet he still has pain and now, his tummy hurts from the medicines.  I have to find an alternative..I cannot bear to hear his heartbreaking moans all day and all night.  I have had arthritis over 30 years.  I know his pain.  I hate his pain.  I would gladly take it away and add it to mine if I could.  We hope, we pray, we look for ways to comfort, we listen, we hug, we give meds, we hear cries, we wait to see what tomorrow brings....

Please hang in there with me...I'm not ignoring you.   I'm close by and will definitely be  sharing and commenting as often as I can.  ~smile~   Did you hear my secret?  I'm having a giveaway sponsored by Lodge Manufacturing!!!! I love all of their cookware and this one  is absolutely amazing.  Are you ready for this?  It is their  15" Seasoned Steel Skillet!!!!  I know!  It is fantastic! I am so excited!!!!!!  Be certain to check back often.  I'll open the giveaway for entries sometime in the next two weeks. Follow me on Google Connect, Facebook, Pinterest, Google + (which, I know nothing about, by the way) Twitter, email, RSS Feed...All are on the right side, you may need to scroll up or down to find them all ----->>>>>>> see?  Pick one or pick all!  Just be certain you are following me in some way or fashion so you don't miss out.  Now, on with the party!  Love and HugS!

Please add a direct link back to your post you link up.  Either with Thursday's Treasures button or text link.  I am always thrilled to pick out your fantastic links to be featured.  It is disheartening to see one I want to feature, go to your blog, only to see there isn't a link back.  A link back shows you are excited to be sharing with us and also have a chance to be featured!  I'd love for you to share the post you link up on facebook.  That way, your fans get another view of your amazing post and you are also inviting them to share on and view Thursday's Treasures.  And, (you knew that was coming, didn't you?) it is also easier for me to share on facebook, which is automatically shared on twitter when I do.  If you don't have a facebook page, no worries...I share those that are not on facebook each week also.  Maybe you could share on pinterest?  It's a Win-Win all the way around.  

Some of the many wonderful links shared.  You know I wish I could feature them all.  If you are featured, please grab my "featured on" button!  

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thursday's Treasures Week 66

I hope those that celebrated, had a Beautiful Christmas!  We did!  I declare, I think I took root to the floor having sat there nearly all day putting together Legos!  It was so much fun...I gladly plant myself, with deep love, as I play with my boys.

Thank you for a wonderful year of sharing the love through your fantastic links!  I am so very grateful for each and everyone of you!  May your New Year be filled with warm hearts full of love and laughter, days filled with happiness, inspiring and delightful crafts, delicious and mouthwatering recipes, the sound of children laughing, eyes that twinkle like the first stars of night, friendship..whether you have met in person or not, wealth..there are all kinds, and great health to begin each day and end each night.  Happy New Year's my sweet friends!

Please welcome a beautiful friend, Heather of  Heather is a wife, mom of 2 handsome boys.  She is very talented in the kitchen as well as a food blogger, newspaper columnist, freelance writer, host of a weekly local public tv show and host of Around the Kitchen Sink Radio.  I just love Heather!  She was one of the first foodie friends I made on facebook.  You can visit her on her page;  Basilmomma: a busy Mom that likes to cook  Please visit and follow will be so happy you did!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thursday's Treasures Week 63

Welcome Friends!  I'm happy to see you again.  I hope you had a fabulous week!  There is so much to do to get ready for Christmas, have you started?  We still don't have our tree up.  I haven't bought one single present yet and I am usually over half way there by now.  The twins are back in school and my oldest will, hopefully, go tomorrow.  A little advice...get your children, and yourself, flu shots.  That's what started all this sickness that has lasted over 1 month. 
May your week be full of radiant days, starry nights and an abundance of laughter and warmth from the inside flowing out.  

Here are a few of the many wonderful links shared last week.  I wish I could feature them all.  
Love and Hugs!
Melissa's Cuisine White Chicken Chili

Y'all know I love beautiful Joan of Chocolate, Chocolate and More!   Please follow her here on facebook and her blog. You'll be so happy you did!    Don't forget to check out the features to see if you are there. 
Have you met lovely Christie of Food Done Light?  She is amazing and I know you will love her, her blog and her facebook page.  Please go over and follow her on both and see if you are featured on her blog.

Rules, yeah, I know.

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Share as many recipes as you like. The party is open all week.
Please visit others...they appreciate it as much as we do.
Leave a comment. I love to know you were here.

Y'all have a beautiful week. Be good to yourselves and each other.
Previous week's parties!

Week's 1-29 can be found Here

I finally made a button to link back to Thursday's Treasures.  I'd love for you to add it to your blog and post.  I'll  get a "Featured On" button very soon.  Love and hugs! 

Now......Let's Party!

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