Recipes For My Boys: Rough Pastry Dough

Monday, March 25, 2013

Rough Pastry Dough

I made this in January, my first time,  and just now getting around to posting it.  I'm so sorry it has taken so long because this is great.  For flaky layers of deliciousness, try this easy pastry dough.  It is time consuming but well worth the wait.   I topped it with cinnamon sugar,  melted butter and garlic for bread sticks.  Flattened a piece, put a little cooked chicken filling inside and pinch/seal edges.  Cut into rectangles and top with pizza toppings.  Roll in a circle, cut in triangles, roll starting and wide end and shape into a lovely crescent roll.  These are flaky, buttery and wonderful!  Enjoy!

Rough Pastry Dough

2 cups unbleached all purpose flour
(additional flour to roll dough)
3/4 teaspoon sea salt
1 1/2 sticks butter, frozen, grated, use the real stuff

Whisk flour and salt together to mix.  
Add grated butter.  

Stir to make a soft dough.   It will be lumpy.

Turn out on a floured surface.   It’s okay if it isn’t completely smooth.  

Knead to come together somewhat, you will still see butter in it.  

Pat and then roll into a rectangle.  It will be rough.

Fold into thirds, length wise and again width wise.  (see pictures below)

Roll into a rectangle by gently rocking the rolling pin back and forth.  Working the dough, turning 1/4 turn each time.
Do you can see the butter dotted throughout the dough?

Fold top third to middle, this isn't quite there.

Fold bottom third overlapping top fold. 

Roll into a rectangle and repeat folding and rolling twice more.

 Ending with fold width wise.
Wrap in plastic wrap and put in refrigerator at least 1 hour.  

Take out of refrigerator and roll again gently, repeating folding and rolling twice more. 

Folding into thirds and rolling into a rectangle 2 to 3 times.  Wrap and put back in refrigerator for one hour. 

Take out of refrigerator. 
Roll into a rectangle and use now or wait (which I did.)  
Make into desired shapes and top or fill with your favorites.  
Please let me know what you make with your rough pastry dough.  

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